MSFW | Men in Suits

Men in suits - a look that is great all year 'round when blokes get it right! I've misplaced the details of the business chic gent I photographed at the obus party (which I featured here on … [Read more...]

MSFW | The Spring Suit

Dear BusiChic, my yoga instructor recently reminded our class that spring is a tumultuous month of change. So while I have not been as diligent with updating the blog of late (and my sincere apologies … [Read more...]

Opening at Lamington Drive

Lamington. A lamington is a sponge cake in the shape of a cuboid, coated in a layer of traditionally chocolate icing then desiccated coconut. - Wikipedia In this post we take a look at a … [Read more...]

Bringing business back

In this installment of Business Chic ~ workwear inspiration, we get straight to business with a suit that shows some smarts. Lovely crochet tie   Will has taken an … [Read more...]

Mayor of the City of Stonnington | Stonnington Spring Fashion Runway | Fashion Industry Forum

I live in the City of Stonnington and first got to meet the Mayor, Cr Melina Sehr, earlier this year when I photographed her as part of the Mission 65 fashion event. It is my honour to feature Cr Sehr … [Read more...]

Bold and Strong

Suit and belt: Cubec Shirt: Godwin Charli Bag: miu miu Shoes: guess Scarf: on the street in Vietnam Specs: gucci What a weekend. As a tweet I saw pointed out, it was one of highs and lows. At … [Read more...]

Man in a mac

It's our second post in this week of wet-weather gear inspired by new line Wet and Wendy (you can read about it all here)! So here are some photographs of a gent I found on the streets of Melbourne in … [Read more...]

She works a ruffled suit

Welcome to the business end of the financial year where I will be taking the time to re-visit some of my favourite winter workwear looks. Personally, I have trouble finding work suits for the … [Read more...]

Classic workwear for the corporate gent

Welcome to a refreshingly new week of Business Chic! Allow me to introduce to you a crisp suit that impressed me not only in its looks but its composition of quality pieces the owner has picked up on … [Read more...]

A mishmash of prints

Greetings BusiChic and welcome to another week of workwear inspiration. We start up proceedings with a straight up corporate suit. suit saba shirt Jeffrey Beane tie Toro belt from one of my … [Read more...]

The Curated Wardrobe

Some of you who have signed up for The BusiChic Bulletin have asked for more fashion trends, so I am delivering a double-serve today made up of (1) photos from the LMFF Menswear Runway and (2) a … [Read more...]

How to tie a scarf for work

Welcome to a new week of BusiChic where I'm commencing proceedings with a look at the art of tying a scarf for work. Let's start by taking a look at the business chic that inspired this post: … [Read more...]

Today’s men’s business suit

Does size matter? I have been playing around with the sizes of images to achieve the optimal sharing of the detail in BusiChic ensembles. Is it getting too big? Would you rather being able to see a … [Read more...]

Picking up the groceries at Prahran Market

Happy Monday BusiChics - how was your weekend? We're starting  off this full working week with a healthy foundation by featuring a suit we photographed at Prahran Market. Shane is a real estate agent, … [Read more...]

Suit in Sydney

Welcome to new week of BusiChic where we whisk you of the city of Sydney! We spent some time here in the lead-up to LMFF, enjoying the city's milder weather and style on show. Without further ado, … [Read more...]

Man at work

Dear BusiChic, welcome to a new working week! We're still busy compiling our coverage of LMFF to bring you a handy guide to the pieces we think will add warmth to your existing workwear or be the … [Read more...]

Spirited away at LMFF

Today we feature the Corporate style of a BusiChic gent we spotted at LMFF's Spirit of the Black Dress gala.       … [Read more...]

Suit on a Bridge

La Fille sur le Pont is one of my favourite French films starring an entrancing Vanessa Paradies and Daniel Auteuil. The story revolves around knifethrower Auteil intercepting Paradies' character who … [Read more...]

First day at work

Mondays. For many it's the dreaded day that means "back to work" but for some it is their first day; a new beginning. Bright and shiny; it's a day of butterflies, nods and smiles, new systems and … [Read more...]

Style sandwiched at Earl Canteen

Recently, Business Chic found ourselves sandwiched in between up-and-coming and established professionals in the broad field of social media known as Social Media Melbourne. The event was quite … [Read more...]

A smokin’ business suit

Roger sunglasses Roberto Cavalli suit Studio Atelier shirt Boston Brothers tie Rhodes & Beckett belt David Jones watch baume & mercier shoes Florsheim Hair product~ Roger uses soft … [Read more...]

Platform 5

Welcome to a new week of Business Chic! We start off our proceedings, formally, with today's featuree displaying sharp form in a Corporate suit. Let's get to it! From memory, David's suit is … [Read more...]

Man with the luscious mo’

So it rained most of the weekend here in Melbourne; it's not only our gardens that are looking lush! Dearest Business Chicizen, it's the last Monday in Movember and here's our final mo' bro in the … [Read more...]

Man with the seedy mo’

Today's Business Chic featuree is the second in our collection of three bros with mo's. Andrew has been keeping a wonderful blog on the progress of his self-described seedy mo'. I'm particularly fond … [Read more...]

It’s a wrap, Mr Darcy.

Welcome back to Business Chic. Hope Melburnians enjoyed the *long* Melbourne Cup Weekend and that punts were successful or at least much fun & relax was had in the process. Today we get back to … [Read more...]

If it suits

We open this week of Business Chic with a Corporate ensemble. A simple classic skirt suit paired with polished but no-fuss accessories; pearl stud earrings and patent leather pumps, interest has been … [Read more...]

Cherry Reds and Tie, Spotty.

Often I see couples on the commute to and from work and can't help but note the cuteness of their outfit contrast or co-ordination. Here we have a  example of the former. She appears to be in a … [Read more...]

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