The Design Files Open House – the outfits post

    Happy Monday, BusiChics! Did you make it over to The Design Files Open House over the weekend? I took my own advice and visited the house a few more times since my earlier post on … [Read more...]

Caroline Clements of Broadsheet

I think that journos have a tough gig when it comes to workwear. The ones I meet run around town to cover events in between zipping back to the office to publish stories on very tight deadlines before … [Read more...]

Michael Brady the Creative Freelancer

So these days I am thinking a lot about the future of my work and work in general. Not so long ago a job was expected to be "for life". My generation and particularly the ones after it are expected to … [Read more...]

Melbourne in Fashion Podcast with Meagan Harding and Cheryl Lin

I believe that it is so important to surround oneself with like-minded positive people who have a great attitude to life, interests and passions and like making things. Meagan Harding is one such … [Read more...]

Celia Cecchi of I Scream Nails

Happy Humpday, BusiChic! I'm so excited to share with you the wonderful Celia Cecchi, founder of nail art, I Scream Nails. I finally got to meet Celia and her awesome crew at the Renault CLiO … [Read more...]

Edward Steichen and Art Deco Fashion Exhibition at NGV Melbourne

Regular readers of BusinessChic may recall that I photographed NGV Assistant Curator, Fashion and Textiles, Paola di Trocchio earlier this year. Paola mentioned the Edward Steichen and Art Deco … [Read more...]

CLASH-TASTIC creative: Lisa Marie Corso

I first came across today's BusiChic on Instagram and felt like I got to know her so well through her instas that when we first met I asked if I could hug her. True story. Lisa Marie Corso is a … [Read more...]

Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls calligraphy class at The School

Why take a lesson in the art of calligraphy in this day and age of typing and texting? Well I don't know about you, BusiChic, but I like writing with a pen. Scrawling with a Sharpie is one of my … [Read more...]

Samantha Choudhury of Samah Designs

Regular BusiChics may recall the Samah Designs Zellije Moroccan Star Earrings that I am obsessed with. Well I caught up with the talented lady behind Samah Designs who works by day in local government … [Read more...]

The rad-ness of colour at work

In a city swamped with black suits, it was RAD to come across Cassandra's colourful incorporation of punchy pink - in her sunnies, scarf (although Cassandra describes this as mauve), skirt, manicure, … [Read more...]

Street style: the girl with the bright hosiery

Looking to add some KAPOW POP COLOUR to your office attire? Well, today's BusiChic Megan should provide you with some inspiration on how to do it. Megan works in Brand and Communications, … [Read more...]

Lighter and brighter

How have you been going snapping your work outfits this week? I must be honest - I'm feeling quite shy about posting photos of myself, simply for the sake of! But I'm at least taking photos for … [Read more...]

Tavi Gevinson at Melbourne Writers Festival 2013

It's no secret that I am a fan of the internet. As someone who works in, as my friend Sam Bell calls it, "Corporate Land", it's wonderful to be able to create a world of colour to play in. So it was … [Read more...]

The freelance journalist: Mel Campbell

Mel Campbell is a freelance journalist and all kinds of awesome inspiration for women who want to wear more colour at work. Mel is also the writer of the book, Out of Shape, one that I'm working my … [Read more...]

Severine Josey of Fashion Exposed

Today on BusinessChic, an office wear ensemble for the classic/creative/time-poor among us. If you work in a less conservative environment, preferably one that's creative or where shorter skirts do … [Read more...]

Meet the designer: Kara Baker

The onslaught of new fashions for Spring and Summer is already underway with the high street stocked and ready for consumption. However for those of you interested in timeless design that doesn't date … [Read more...]

The rather inspirational Kirsteene Phelan

When the weather is dreary, I believe that two of the best things that people can wear to work are FABULOUS accessories and an even more wonderful and heart-felt smile. This is why I'm excited today … [Read more...]

The Curator: Paola di Trocchio

Paola di Trocchio is the Fashion and Textiles curator at the National Gallery of Victoria. I had the pleasure of meeting Paula during Penthouse Mouse House events that were on as part of the L'Oreal … [Read more...]

The personal stylist: Meagan Harding

Meagan Harding is the personal stylist I'm working with to inspire me to rethink my workwear style. More on that later because this is a post on awesome Meagan's own style which is a great source of … [Read more...]

The suit wrapped in a puffer vest

Greetings BusiChic! It's July 1 today which means that we, in the southern hemisphere, are slap-bang in the middle of winter. I'm a keen user of Instagram where I came across the style of Adam … [Read more...]

Business Chic Interview: Entrepreneur Michael Fox at Shoes of Prey

Greetings  BusoChico, Welcome to the mid-week spot of workwear inspiration! Following on from Monday's interview with Jodie Fox of online custom-shoe-designer-retailer, Shoes of Prey and … [Read more...]

Framed at Bailey Nelson

Greetings BusiChic, Have you heard about Bailey Nelson? Purveyors of stylish prescription glasses, named after classic writers, that can be all yours WITH prescription for $95? They also sell … [Read more...]

Smart Casual sees spots

Happy Friday, BusiChic! For many this might mean it's Smart Casual day which is why I thought that I'd feature an appropriately-attired BusiChic for this rather tricky of dress codes. Jess works … [Read more...]

Business Chic on Instagram: anteledaisy

Happy Friday BusiChic! Those who are regular visitors to the blog (THANK YOU for your visits!) will know that I'm working on turning my LBD Project into a book and exhibition. So I thought that it … [Read more...]

Relaxed business chic at work

Greetings BusiChic, Welcome to a whole new week of streetstyle inspiration to help give you ideas on what to wear to work! After a weekend of running around, I sometimes enjoy easing into the week … [Read more...]

Week 44: Little Black Dress gets inspired to go French at work

In Week 44 of the Little Black Dress Project (my challenge to wear a differently styled LBD to work, once a week for the whole year), I look to the French for inspiration! et voila! A striped top from … [Read more...]

Stopping to smell the roses

Dearest BusiChic, I hope that you are well! Do you ever stop and smell the roses? Do you remember to take a break? I think that these are really important things to do in order to keep … [Read more...]

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