Heads up for Casuals

Another early post as I'm starting to think that I should be posting in advance to give you ideas on what you can wear to work tomorrow or even later in the week. For example on Monday nights, a post … [Read more...]

Blogopolis: Jeroxie represents the food bloggers

Going to a conference that doesn't have a dress code ao you are allowed to wear, anything? Sometimes this laissez-faire policy can be daunting. For example prior to the bloggers' conference I … [Read more...]

Blogopolis: What Mr Gadget wore to the conference

Arnold Aranez is the tech blogger behind Mr Gadget, one of the speakers at Nuffnang's blogging conference, Blogopolis 2011 and the sole gent whose conference-wear I photographed! That gets an … [Read more...]

Wearing Australian designers to work

Many of the Australian designers within my price range create pieces that lean towards Creative workwear. As such, when given the opportunity to throw out the Corporate dresscode and dress Smart … [Read more...]

Sneakin’ sneakers into workwear

Yesterday's look at a chic chick wearing shorts to work prompted me to re-consider my stance on 'never saying never' to items of clothing. However, upon reflection unless I see a stylish gent with the … [Read more...]

Wearing denim in the workplace

And now some workwear inspiration for busy gents with the opportunity to wear denim in the workplace!  blazer, scarf & jeans Dior jumper Next belt Gucci shoes Paciotti ring my own … [Read more...]

The black Basque beret

We close this week of Business Chic with a Smart Casual ensemble that has oodles of charm, watch the enclosed clip of BusiChicTV for all the great details of Mark's ensemble! #BusiChic Mark - … [Read more...]

Putting the smart in casual

Do you work in a casual environment and want to lift your style up a notch? or perhaps you work in a rather sartorially-savvy one but wish to put some chillax into gear? At the business end of RAFW we … [Read more...]

Streetpeeper at RAFW

This week's final spotty of workwear inspiration belongs to Phil Oh - the streetstyle photographer known as Streetpeeper. In Sydney to photograph RAFW streetstyle for Harpers Bazaar, we loved Phil's … [Read more...]

Smart Casual chic

Today we feature a spot of BusiChic we snapped in Sydney where the weather is milder than our hometown of Melbourne. We love the print in the skirt sported by today's Smart Casual  featuree who walks … [Read more...]

The Paper Mill

We were mosey-ing on about Sydney town when we came by The Paper Mill. Liking the look of what we saw, we ventured into this not-for-profit art space that is committed to providing an inclusive … [Read more...]

Smart casual plant

This is our second post on Nursery & Garden Industry Australia (NGIA)'s Plant/Life Balance campaign which seeks to make you happier and healthier at work! For the first photo, click here!  If you … [Read more...]

Red in boots

It's officially Autumn in the southern hemisphere and with a forecasted partly cloudy day with a top temperature of 21C, Melbourne's weather sure already feels like it! Today we feature the cosy and … [Read more...]

She who scoots

We scoot into the weekend with photos of Sara. We love that today's Business Chicizen commutes en scooter - what fun! We note Sara's sensible shoes for the ride in which gives her ensemble an air of … [Read more...]

Business Casual in style

  Termed Smart Casual in Australia or Business Casual in the northern hemisphere, this category for workwear can lead to confusion so as a clarification, here's a duo who show how to go … [Read more...]

Smile with relish!

A colourful drop of Smart Casual (Business Casual for our northern friends) closes this week of Business Chic. Jana is one creative we were lucky enough to meet at the  Social Media Melbourne event … [Read more...]

The Real Pants Man

  "You've got to photograph my bum." said today's Business Chic featuree. Wowsers~ a request we'd certainly never had before! However when you scroll down to see the photo, we hope you agree that … [Read more...]

When the sun shines

Every once in a while, the sun takes its sweet time to shine in Melbourne. It is at these moments that I race out to see what workwear the rays have drawn out. And while I've observed that it is très … [Read more...]

It’s getting hot in here

It is summer in Australia and la nina means we're swelteringly hot. Sometimes we have torrential rain, but here's some inspiration for our Smart Casual gents for when the weather is simply hot. Xx … [Read more...]

Secret Wars

On Wednesday October 13th, I followed tweets to Secret Wars. Think Fight Club but this, Business Chic-izens, is the  battle of two artists. Their weapons? Black paint pens and white walls. There are … [Read more...]

Tutu Crazy

We finish the week with Tutu "TutuCrazy" Ralogaivau, the creator-extraordinaire of TutuCrazy about 1985, an amazing video fashion magazine that I am completely enamoured with. Tutu was kind enough to … [Read more...]

Take a Bow!

In today's dose of workwear inspiration, a little something for the boys! We feature a gent whose streetstyle I photographed and some snaps of the menswear spotted on the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week … [Read more...]

The Shiney Disco Ball

Business Chic is largely made possible by the ladies and gentlemen who allow yours truly to break their waiting-for-public-transport reveries and photograph them. Luckily the harsher rejections are … [Read more...]

A Muddle of Magic

Whilst a technical muddle, this photograph was a Business Chic-zen favourite! On the tweets or on the Business Chic Facebook page, this is one that delighted you, dear reader. The underlying appeal of … [Read more...]

A Series of Shades

Back in April, Business Chic was a bi-weekly post consisting of at least one batch of workwear inspiration plus other things which were keeping me inspired...like Destination 90s, a show on Channel 31 … [Read more...]

Just One Blick (Two Blokes)

A timeless and gentlemanly take on Smart Casual. Says it all really. Xx Cheryl Adam coat Beat Poet flannel shirt Cheap Monday cardigan Alpha 60 pants Dr Denim boots RM Williams Steven coat … [Read more...]

Man at Work

Brendan jacket French Connection UK longsleeve tshirt Just Jeans trainers onitsuka tiger Brendan's work lunch of choice is something he can have on the go ~ pizza or sushi. … [Read more...]

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