Business Chic Travel Jackets with the Hidden Pockets You Didn’t Know You Needed

Back in September 2015, I wrote about The Smartest Tech You Can Wear to Work. One such item was the Baubax Travel Jacket which raised $9millionUSD on Kickstarter, making it the fourth highest-raising … [Read more...]

SnapChat: Job Interview Advice + 4 Accounts to Follow

Snapchat Wait isn't that the app where people share quick pics of their bits? Folks, the platform could be just that but it has evolved into so much more. Remember how people talked about a new … [Read more...]

Trends: The smartest tech you can wear to work

It's a rather exciting time in the tech world as we inch ever closer to the Back-to-the-Future reality of commuting en hoverboard. However hoverboards are not available just yet so here is a … [Read more...]

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