Press on BusiChic from traditional and new media.

Please let us know if you write about  us so we can include you here! Xx  Cheryl

April 2011 – quoted in this SMH My Career article on casual workwear

March 2011 – The BusiChic poem, written for us by Sophie Curzon-Siggers is blogged by Australian Poetry

First image of BusiChic in print – Grazia Issue 98 ~ pages 42 & 43

June 2010 – my first interview! It’s for RunMelbourne, and while my outfit is not exactly business chic, I do get to mention BusinessChic! The interview is for my side-project, fundraising for FittedForWork

June 2010 – Joyce Watts (aka Miss CycleStyle) is profiled by Clare Lancaster for – image by BusiChic!

May 2010 – founder, Joyce Watts (aka Miss CycleStyle), happy with my capture of her workwear-cycle-chic

May 2010 – Yay! Radio Carly is happy with my photographs of her on BusinessChic

April 2010 – Church Street Enoteca include a link to my website in their newsletter.

April 2010 – designer-to-watch Alexi Freeman lends me use of his GPO space to work on BusinessChic and Carly Findlay pays me a visit which she writes-up on her blog Radio Carly

March 2010 -My girlfriend, Tania, notices that Church Street Enoteca have published a letter I sent them on their website

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