MSFW | Men in Suits

Men in suits - a look that is great all year 'round when blokes get it right! I've misplaced the details of the business chic gent I photographed at the obus party (which I featured here on … [Read more...]

Get Framed!

I don't wear glasses but I sure wish I could and "well", for that matter. You see, I am a big fan of that US comedian, Tina Fey. And yes, before you ask, waaay before the whole Palin-impersonation … [Read more...]

A Chance to Show Flair

Friday. Most people take the chance to dress down. And usually, so do I. But sometimes, just sometimes, I like to use this more lax dresscode day to go to town on a look.. to risk being a little OTT … [Read more...]

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