In the Bag: Deadly Ponies Spring/Summer 2015 – Decandant

It's Friday so you have got this week in the bag! To mark this milestone, each week BusinessChic shares the newest bag and accessory lines to slip into your work wardrobe! Fashion geek alert! I … [Read more...]

Shopgirl at Alice Euphemia

I know. I'm supposed to be taking a break. However, I was looking over the archives of images-I've-taken-but-had-trouble-finding-times-to-post and found that I had just enough for a series on all … [Read more...]

MSFW | The Spring Suit

Dear BusiChic, my yoga instructor recently reminded our class that spring is a tumultuous month of change. So while I have not been as diligent with updating the blog of late (and my sincere apologies … [Read more...]

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