Street style: Summer on… and on!

This post is proudly brought to you with the support of Collins Square, Melbourne. ————————————————————————————————————————————— Oh Melbourne! It may officially be Autumn but the weather sure … [Read more...]

My style: Navy and silver

It's been another week of getting here there and everywhere - 2015 is well and truly underway! The weather's been all over the shop too - wintry one moment then warm and humid the next - what's a … [Read more...]

ASOS ClickFrenzy 30% off Sale

ASOS is the one-stop shop for fashionistas on a budget and today the site is having 30% off EVERYTHING sale today as part of ClickFrenzy. Simply use the code 30FRENZY at the check-out. To help you, … [Read more...]

Smart Casual and Feminine

Greetings BusiChic, Do you work with anyone solely online? Say a team located interstate or even overseas who you can call on the phone, chat to via email or messenger but have never actually met … [Read more...]

As requested: Desk to Drink chic

Greetings BusiChic, Welcome to November. In Melbourne, this means dressing for increasingly warmer weather and a growing number of after work occassions. My personal styling clients have been … [Read more...]

So you want to wear gingham check to work?

Did you know that gingham was originally a striped fabric? Its name is believed to have come from the Malay adjective “genggang” which means “striped”. The chequered pattern that gingham is now … [Read more...]

So you want to wear your sports gear to work?

So you want to wear your sports gear to work? Do you try to fit exercise into your workday? Whether it’s before, during or after the 9-to-5, have you ever wished that you could wear your sports gear … [Read more...]

So you want to wear a crop top to work?

Fashion trend alert: the crop top! "So you want to...?" is a meme that is playing in my head. You see, I enjoy listening to the "So you want to be a writer?" podcast run by Valerie Khoo and … [Read more...]

What to wear when you’re working from home

Last week I shared what I was going to wear on my first day at work. Well I must I confess that I didn’t end up wearing it because I ended up working from home! That’s the beauty of being freelance; … [Read more...]

What’s in my shopping cart

The beauty of working freelance now is being able to wear whatever I like – particularly a whole number of items that could also appear on a list of things I would not have ever worn in my previous … [Read more...]

Six Business Chic officewear reads – offline and online

The start of the year is my favourite because it's the time when magazines and online stores publish their back-to-work guides. In the first BusiChic newsletter that I emailed to subscribers last … [Read more...]

New purchases: J.Crew, Keep Resin, ASOS

Hey BusiChic, How was your weekend? Thank you for all of the support on my last post talking about how I quit my corporate job! It feels like something inspired is in the air and that post has led … [Read more...]

The suit wrapped in a puffer vest

Greetings BusiChic! It's July 1 today which means that we, in the southern hemisphere, are slap-bang in the middle of winter. I'm a keen user of Instagram where I came across the style of Adam … [Read more...]

The work shirt dress

From military to print to aztec embroidery, there's a shirt dress for every workplace dresscode.   The work shirt dress by busichic featuring a long shirt … [Read more...]

Inspired by the new Qantas uniform designed by Martin Grant

Yesterday, 21,600 staff found out what they'll be wearing to work for the foreseeable future, when supermodel, Miranda Kerr, sashayed down a runway to reveal the new uniform for … [Read more...]

Bank on this

Check out the latest episode of BusinessChicTV!   When I photograph for Business Chic it sometimes happens that I find the perfect background before I've spotted the work style … [Read more...]

The Shift to Coral

Today's Contemporary Business Wearinspiration is comprised of a timeless shift dress in a summery pop of coral. For me this colour is what I turn to for pedicures as the mercury rises and I put my … [Read more...]

Red lips at work

Mmmm bold lipstick in the office. I love the look but personally find it takes a bit of getting used to. I find it tricky enough finding the colour I like, although David Jones in-store matte lippies … [Read more...]

MSFW | Miss Ghost & Gala

Today on BusinessChic, we take a look at the glorious gala wear on show at MSFW. Just this Monday past, we've had the Brownlow in Melbourne - the awards night for the AFL where the wives and … [Read more...]

Blogopolis: Lady and the cream blazer

Today's look at conference-chic highlights a trend I spotted: the cream blazer. Case in point, take a close look at the photo below showing the panel for Blogopolis Class 5: Did you see it? Both … [Read more...]

Cycling to work

This post has been updated based on comments received The term 'cycle chic' was coined by Mikael Colville-Andersen the creator of Copenhagen Cycle Chic and refers to the lifestyle cyclists who wear … [Read more...]

Buying workwear on the internet

Do you buy your clothing on the internet? Whilst talking to today's workwear featuree Andrew for BusinessChicTV, I started to think a bit about internet shopping. I've bought lots for my life outside … [Read more...]

First day at work

Mondays. For many it's the dreaded day that means "back to work" but for some it is their first day; a new beginning. Bright and shiny; it's a day of butterflies, nods and smiles, new systems and … [Read more...]

Man with the handlebar mo’

Today, we feature a gentleman in Contemporary Business Wear sporting a serious handlebar moustache for the great cause that is Movember. This cause sees bro's growing mo's over the month of November … [Read more...]

Behind-the-Scenes of a Fashion Week

Fashion week. No matter what city you may be in, it would be very hard to happen without the small army of people behind it. Today I feature only three types of the many roles involved. There's the … [Read more...]

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