Busy at Blogopolis

So it's been a week of what others wore and thought about at the Nuffnang bloggers' conference, Blogopolis 2011. Here's a look at what I wore and some of the lessons I'll be taking away... First off … [Read more...]

Blogopolis: The Pink Hair Ladies at the conference

Normally when I am at a conference for day job as an auditor, a quick glance around the room will show an abundance of grey; grey hair and grey suits. Which is why I was much tickled when I looked … [Read more...]

Blogopolis: Jeroxie represents the food bloggers

Going to a conference that doesn't have a dress code ao you are allowed to wear, anything? Sometimes this laissez-faire policy can be daunting. For example prior to the bloggers' conference I … [Read more...]

Blogopolis: What Mr Gadget wore to the conference

Arnold Aranez is the tech blogger behind Mr Gadget, one of the speakers at Nuffnang's blogging conference, Blogopolis 2011 and the sole gent whose conference-wear I photographed! That gets an … [Read more...]

Blogopolis: Lady and the cream blazer

Today's look at conference-chic highlights a trend I spotted: the cream blazer. Case in point, take a close look at the photo below showing the panel for Blogopolis Class 5: Did you see it? Both … [Read more...]

What a Super Kawaii Mama wears to a conference!

Hi BusiChics! How was your weekend? I hope that yours was a good one! I spent Saturday at the Nuffnang Blogopolis, a conference for bloggers! As someone in a profession where conference dresscodes … [Read more...]

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