The magic of colourful pants

Colourful pants. I was having a chat with a friend on the weekend who wondered aloud how the young people in her conservative workplace could think that bright red pants were appropriate. Sure, I … [Read more...]

Do It In A Dress – I’m doing it!

Do it in a [school] dress Dearest BusiChic, Regular readers of BusinessChic may recall that I photographed some folks to raise awareness about One Girl Org's Do it in a Dress campaign. One … [Read more...]

Love letters to Melbourne

Dear Melbourne, so I'm not posting daily but I want you to remember that you are full of amazing. As such, here is a series of mini-love letters or postcards which I hope that you will read very … [Read more...]

How to wear shorts to work in winter!

I find that I am often asked for my opinion on what I think people should avoid wearing to work. Personally I don't like to say 'never'. I am a firm believer that the right person with the right … [Read more...]

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