Back to work with a classic

Why hello, busichic! Guess who is back at work? Quick re-cap So in case you missed it, I walked away from my career in Finance/IT late last year and then proceeded to spend the next few months … [Read more...]

BYT HealthyBYTe launch

Dear corporate event organisers, "Healthy" does not have to be just another fruit salad or platter of six-inch salad rolls. The immensely clever and tasteful folk at Bright Young Things have … [Read more...]

The Little Black Dress Project Book and eBook

Dearest BusiChic, It's with great pleasure that I announce that The Little Black Dress Project is available as both a physical book and an e-Book! Photos from the BusinessChic Little Black … [Read more...]

Roll up to Bike Fest for Treadlie Magazine

The saying is, "when it rains, it pours." and goodness things have been busy! So while I don't really like to talk about myself - which is fine because generally, regular BusiChics will know that I … [Read more...]

Week 43: A Little Black Dress and the leather jacket

In Week 43 of the Little Black Dress (LBD) Project, it's the festive season and there are parties left, right and center! In this post, I style my LBD for a Smart Casual party using pieces from zara, … [Read more...]

Press: A lesson in business chic | Milk bar

A spot of press today! I was interviewed by writer Christine Miralles for Milk bar magazine - an online publication that shares culture in Melbourne! If you have any further questions, feel … [Read more...]

Week 7: LBD and a light-weight trench

In Week 7 of the Business Chic Little Black Dress (LBD) Project I add a light-weight trench to keep summer rains off my LBD. So what do you do when you're ducking out for a coffee as it starts to … [Read more...]

Week 6: Forget Me Knot ~ L’avion Pussy Bow

It's Week 6 of the Business Chic Little Black Dress (LBD) Project and you have a chance to win a L'avion silk scarf illustrated by an Australian fashion illustrator! Those of you following the … [Read more...]

Awesome2: Cheryl Lin

Hey BusiChics, It's me on the blog again because I'm getting involved in another something else such that this week is going to be all about Awesome2. The Awesome Melbourne Foundation is a group of … [Read more...]

How to wear one little black dress (LBD) to work every week of the year!

Dearest BusiChic, Welcome to a new series I'm starting here today: The BusinessChic Black Dress Project! Fashion magazines often talk about the timelessness of the Little Black Dress ("LBD"). … [Read more...]

Do It In A Dress – I’m doing it!

Do it in a [school] dress Dearest BusiChic, Regular readers of BusinessChic may recall that I photographed some folks to raise awareness about One Girl Org's Do it in a Dress campaign. One … [Read more...]

#LMFF BusiChic Outfit Post: Pecha Kucha

Hi BusiChicizens, L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival (LMFF) is upon us and I'm going to do my darndest to bring you the BusiChic I spot during the festival. So to make this possible, first up you're … [Read more...]

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