Street style: the girl with the bright hosiery

Looking to add some KAPOW POP COLOUR to your office attire? Well, today's BusiChic Megan should provide you with some inspiration on how to do it. Megan works in Brand and Communications, … [Read more...]

Yellow pants at work

I'm closing this working week with the style of a gent whose outfit so captured my attention that I ran almost a whole block to catch up with him. What made it extra awkward is that I was wearing … [Read more...]

MBFWA with Lady Melbourne

In May of each year, Australian designers offer up their bounty of Spring & Summer fashions at Australian Fashion Week, now sponsored by Mercedes-Benz (aka #MBFWA for those following on … [Read more...]

The magic of colourful pants

Colourful pants. I was having a chat with a friend on the weekend who wondered aloud how the young people in her conservative workplace could think that bright red pants were appropriate. Sure, I … [Read more...]

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