Tresna Lee of Yelp

How have I not yet featured Miss Tresna, Community Manager, at Yelp Melbourne? She is incredibly cute and one of the nicest and most efficient operators I know of in Melbourne. Tresna … [Read more...]

Caroline Clements of Broadsheet

I think that journos have a tough gig when it comes to workwear. The ones I meet run around town to cover events in between zipping back to the office to publish stories on very tight deadlines before … [Read more...]

Lala in Wardrobe Wonderland

This post has been updated to capture developments that have taken place since it was originally published in October 2010 We close off this week of Business Chic by featuring one of my partners in … [Read more...]

Have Character?

So we endeth this week of Business Chic with a Creative who has a wonderful eye for detail! It's flair like this which I myself appreciate and hope keeps us all inspired to source the accessories … [Read more...]

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