Q: "#GoNiftyGo is catchy- but ?!" A:  Neville is a role model for a new generation of workers who are looking to make work and life, balance. Have you seen the film Mr. Holland's Opus? The story … [Read more...]

Will you walk on by? #GoNiftyGo

Please tweet #GoNiftyGo to help me get a sponsor for my colleague who is a footy umpire on the weekends. At the ripe young age of 66, Nifty (Neville) will soon be celebrating his 750th game as a footy … [Read more...]

#Go Nifty Go !

Dear Readers, Watch this space - I am working on making BusinessChic dedicated to just that.  I will be moving my creative posts (thank you for enduring!) to a new On the Side page which means that … [Read more...]

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