Red lips at work

Mmmm bold lipstick in the office. I love the look but personally find it takes a bit of getting used to. I find it tricky enough finding the colour I like, although David Jones in-store matte lippies … [Read more...]

Karlee Slater of The Golden Age

To wrap up this Mad Man week of Business Chic, I feature the style of Melbourne's own Karlee Slater who shows how timeless vintage styling can be incorporated into the modern workplace. … [Read more...]

Right turn from left lane only

From my understanding, Melbourne is the only city where drivers need to master the art of the hookturn. This takes place when the driver wishes to turn right over the tram tracks. In order to do this, … [Read more...]

@busichic @ALEXIFREEMAN @melbournes_gpo

If you didn't get the Facebook update or the tweet -  Australian fashion design talent, ALEXIFREEMAN has invited me to use his space to work on - please do pop in for a visit! - … [Read more...]

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