Inspired by the new Qantas uniform designed by Martin Grant

Yesterday, 21,600 staff found out what they'll be wearing to work for the foreseeable future, when supermodel, Miranda Kerr, sashayed down a runway to reveal the new uniform for … [Read more...]

Ride2Work in style and avoid Citylink!

Hey there BusiChic, Happy Friday - we made it! And if you are in Melbourne like I am - hopefully you weren't held up on the roads in the same way that the Citylink tunnel failure earlier this … [Read more...]

Man in suit, wears hat.

Greetings BusiChic, The weather is getting warmer and sunnier here in Melbourne; hurrah! Which is why I much appreciate Tyler who allowed me to photograph what I've categorised as Polished and … [Read more...]

Always the gentleman

Long-time readers of BusiChic may recall Veselin whom I photographed and featured in the post, "The Man Who Gave Me Flowers". If you don't know the story; I do suggest that you catch up on that post … [Read more...]

Week 29: LBD and the all-sorts hat

This week I've been looking at the hats one might wish to top their LBD with for a cosier commute to work. Each day I've shared inspiration as worked by some of my favourite hatted-ladies. Today I … [Read more...]

Week 29: Coco Chanel wore a hat to work

In Week 29 of the Little Black Dress (LBD) Project I explore the wintry options of covering up my LBD for the commute to work. Check in each day this week to see how I top things off with a different … [Read more...]

Week 29: LBD goes 90s with the Blossom beret

In Week 29 of the Little Black Dress (LBD) Project I explore the wintry options of covering up my LBD for the commute to work. Check in each day this week to see how I top things off with a different … [Read more...]

Week 29: LBD and how Kate Middleton works a hat

In Week 29 of the Little Black Dress (LBD) Project I explore the millinery options available to warm and style up my LBD for the commute to work. Check in each day this week to see how I top things … [Read more...]

As you wish!

What a week it's been here on BusinessChic where I've been sharing the after-work style I spotted at Melbourne Museum's SmartBar event. The theme for this adults-only event was Brain, Mind, Eyes, … [Read more...]

Vintage After Work Style

Greetings BusiChic! Today's work style inspiration that I photographed at the adults-only after-work Melbourne Museum's SmartBar event is a little bit different. Are you someone who likes to wear … [Read more...]

Business man wears an Akubra

Greetings BusiChic, Welcome to a new working week - I hope that you're refreshed and ready for some business chic inspiration! Today's post is not supposed to be an advert for Akubra but you … [Read more...]

How to prep your work wardrobe for Summer!

It’s occurred to me that before I start going into how to commute to work in style, I should first share my tips for preparing your summer work wardrobe for a stylish return to work! Whether you … [Read more...]

Wear a hat

Streetstyle fashion blogger, Garance Dore, who I had the luck of photographing when she was in Australia last year, once revealed tips on how to get shot by a streetstyle photographer. Now most of the … [Read more...]

Weather battle

At the time of writing this post, I confess dear BusiChic, I have not actually checked the forecast for Melbourne. I usually try to post outfits that will match the forecast. However I came to realise … [Read more...]

Breakfast at Tiffany & Co | Melbourne flagship launch

I am partial to a good breakfast. So it was quite the honour and delight to be a guest at last week's re-opening of the newly designed Tiffany & Co flagship in Melbourne. Located at 267 Collins … [Read more...]

Advanced Chic

There are many streetstyle websites out and about on the interwebs. Business Chic was borne out of one auditor's (i.e. me) frustration that there wasn't a resource that showed what most of us can to … [Read more...]

The black Basque beret

We close this week of Business Chic with a Smart Casual ensemble that has oodles of charm, watch the enclosed clip of BusiChicTV for all the great details of Mark's ensemble! #BusiChic Mark - … [Read more...]

Fashion show business

More of the business chic we spotted at RAFW~ today we feature a gent whose sharp and individual styling captivated us as he went about the fashion show-business. Thanks to Lady Melbourne for the … [Read more...]

Business chic hats at work

After the pomp and ceremony of a certain wedding that took place recently, we've cottoned onto the fact that some of you might bethinking about wearing hats in the workplace. And so for a round up of … [Read more...]

Hat, scarf and paisley print

It has been a very short and sweet week at BusiChic, much like the post we will leave you with today. Today's featuree Mba was in quite a hurry but kind enough to pose for us so that we could capture … [Read more...]

Have you activated your Plant/Life Balance?

At Business Chic, we love concepts that add colour to the workplace. So when we heard about Nursery & Garden Industry Australia's very clever  Improve your Plant/Life Balance campaign, well we … [Read more...]

Business Casual in style

  Termed Smart Casual in Australia or Business Casual in the northern hemisphere, this category for workwear can lead to confusion so as a clarification, here's a duo who show how to go … [Read more...]

He sells bicycles & tulips

Ahhh the flexibility of being self-employed! The tagline for northside wheelers says that they are a purveyor of fine cycling wares. When I dropped by however, I was chuffed to see that they were also … [Read more...]

Iconically Melbourne

  One afternoon I emerged from Melbourne Central train station (which is featured on the Make Me Iconic: Transport range) and was greeted with this scene which could have been from another … [Read more...]

Doing the rounds

Today's featuree works for a newspaper; I like how he has taken the tradition of this to add a playful touch to his workwear. What could you add to yours? Xx Cheryl beanie lids from Las Vegas … [Read more...]

My best friend jen

Now don't get me wrong, I like Jen a lot but the title of this post refers to her label, my best friend jen! Here are some photos of Jen's creative workwear as the face of her label. Are you the face … [Read more...]

Friday FreeStyler

We close off this week of Business Chic with a Creative freestyler whose work as an artist allows him to break free of any dresscode, such as Melbourne black, to his own hue of natural. I like how … [Read more...]

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