Man in a business suit, smiles

Today's featured Business Chicizen cuts a striking figure in a men's business suit. While we love his stylin' suit, it was his smile that we found particularly charming. A timely reminder perhaps that … [Read more...]

The Real Pants Man

  "You've got to photograph my bum." said today's Business Chic featuree. Wowsers~ a request we'd certainly never had before! However when you scroll down to see the photo, we hope you agree that … [Read more...]

Man with ice-cream

  Summer is a confusing time for workwear. For instance, while it might be scorching outside, oft over-zealous air-conditioning in the office will send one running to the warmth of the photocopier. … [Read more...]

Platform 5

Welcome to a new week of Business Chic! We start off our proceedings, formally, with today's featuree displaying sharp form in a Corporate suit. Let's get to it! From memory, David's suit is … [Read more...]

Old World tip-off

Welcome back to Aussies returning from the Australia Day holiday - hope that you had a great one! Without further ado to everyone else who was at work; here is today's Contemporary Business Wear … [Read more...]

Boys in the beergarden

In recent years the entertainment for patrons has expanded beyond the showcourts to the new Grand Slam Oval which is essentially a beer garden with a big screen showing a game live for those who are … [Read more...]

Working the Grand Slam

Welcome to a new week of Business Chic where we'll be bringing you workwear fashion as spotted during the Australian Open - the first Grand Slam tournament on the tennis calendar! Today we feature a … [Read more...]

When the sun shines

Every once in a while, the sun takes its sweet time to shine in Melbourne. It is at these moments that I race out to see what workwear the rays have drawn out. And while I've observed that it is très … [Read more...]

He sells bicycles & tulips

Ahhh the flexibility of being self-employed! The tagline for northside wheelers says that they are a purveyor of fine cycling wares. When I dropped by however, I was chuffed to see that they were also … [Read more...]

Tailored blues

One morning, when in need of getting my thoughts into order, I found myself at Mario's (famed for good coffee and an egalitarian first-come-first-serve approach which meant they refused a … [Read more...]

Iconically Melbourne

  One afternoon I emerged from Melbourne Central train station (which is featured on the Make Me Iconic: Transport range) and was greeted with this scene which could have been from another … [Read more...]

It’s getting hot in here

It is summer in Australia and la nina means we're swelteringly hot. Sometimes we have torrential rain, but here's some inspiration for our Smart Casual gents for when the weather is simply hot. Xx … [Read more...]

Doing the rounds

Today's featuree works for a newspaper; I like how he has taken the tradition of this to add a playful touch to his workwear. What could you add to yours? Xx Cheryl beanie lids from Las Vegas … [Read more...]

Just One [digital] Blick*

Today's Business Chic featuree is in the business of communications and uses social media tools such as Twitter to do his thing and my photo of him taken earlier this year is his digital face, of … [Read more...]

Man with the seedy mo’

Today's Business Chic featuree is the second in our collection of three bros with mo's. Andrew has been keeping a wonderful blog on the progress of his self-described seedy mo'. I'm particularly fond … [Read more...]

Man with the handlebar mo’

Today, we feature a gentleman in Contemporary Business Wear sporting a serious handlebar moustache for the great cause that is Movember. This cause sees bro's growing mo's over the month of November … [Read more...]

Keep the faith

In the nine months of Business Chic's existence, I have featured the styles of people I encounter on the streets of Melbourne on their way to work. Once, while on holiday interstate, I even did a … [Read more...]

Comfortably Ensemble

Today we feature a gentleman who is definitely in the rag trade as the details of his ensemble will undoubtedly make clear. Now I've categorised this outfit as Contemporary Business Wear but … [Read more...]

Rockin’ the Bureau

The labels worn by today's featuree leads me to believe he works in the rag trade/travels for his work. All pieces are high street but co-ordinated well for a polished take on Creative. Nonetheless … [Read more...]

Friday FreeStyler

We close off this week of Business Chic with a Creative freestyler whose work as an artist allows him to break free of any dresscode, such as Melbourne black, to his own hue of natural. I like how … [Read more...]

Cherry Reds and Tie, Spotty.

Often I see couples on the commute to and from work and can't help but note the cuteness of their outfit contrast or co-ordination. Here we have a  example of the former. She appears to be in a … [Read more...]

A Stylish Upturn

Welcome back Melburnites from a weekend of four seasons with extremes at the chilly/torrential rain end. Hopefully the sunny side will come up soon but in the meantime, it's collars up for me as … [Read more...]

Secret Wars

On Wednesday October 13th, I followed tweets to Secret Wars. Think Fight Club but this, Business Chic-izens, is the  battle of two artists. Their weapons? Black paint pens and white walls. There are … [Read more...]

Get Framed!

I don't wear glasses but I sure wish I could and "well", for that matter. You see, I am a big fan of that US comedian, Tina Fey. And yes, before you ask, waaay before the whole Palin-impersonation … [Read more...]

Tutu Crazy

We finish the week with Tutu "TutuCrazy" Ralogaivau, the creator-extraordinaire of TutuCrazy about 1985, an amazing video fashion magazine that I am completely enamoured with. Tutu was kind enough to … [Read more...]

The Fabulousness of Fashionising

And now I would like to turn your attention to the workwear style of some of those working behind the scenes at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (MSFW). Because work it, they do! If you love fashion and … [Read more...]

out-of-the-box: bento

During Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, whilst photographing Street Fashion and Business Chic, I practically pounced on this stylish couple to capture their Corporate and Contemporary Business … [Read more...]

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