A Hat and Checkers!

Today we feature a gentleman who was leaving the Melbourne Town Hall red carpet when I slid over (it was raining...) to capture his Polished Contemporary Business Wear style. I've had to reduce the … [Read more...]

A high-shine start

Today we feature the style of a young gent whose youthful exuberance and striking Corporate attire caught my eye. When starting out in a new job, I always believe it's best to err on the side of … [Read more...]

Over by the water cooler…

Suits are tricky things to categorise as Corporate or Polished. If anything, my years in professional services taught me that Corporates have it tough and should err on the side of conservative … [Read more...]

The Shiney Disco Ball

Business Chic is largely made possible by the ladies and gentlemen who allow yours truly to break their waiting-for-public-transport reveries and photograph them. Luckily the harsher rejections are … [Read more...]

The Americans Are Coming

So, while I was scrolling down the Business Chic Facebook Page, I realised that this retrospective really cannot include any of the photographs posted in August (duplicate images would not look very … [Read more...]

Taxi !

And so in June of this year, I missed my flight to an Internal Auditors' Conference, due to the pre-ordered taxi not coming on time. Which is why I highly stress the value in using a personal limo … [Read more...]

A Series of Shades

Back in April, Business Chic was a bi-weekly post consisting of at least one batch of workwear inspiration plus other things which were keeping me inspired...like Destination 90s, a show on Channel 31 … [Read more...]

You don’t have to be rich

" ...to rule my world" ~ Kiss, Prince () We jump now to June where I photographed Pieter here for Smart Start. I entitled this post such for two reasons. The first and most important reason … [Read more...]

Just One Blick (Two Blokes)

A timeless and gentlemanly take on Smart Casual. Says it all really. Xx Cheryl Adam coat Beat Poet flannel shirt Cheap Monday cardigan Alpha 60 pants Dr Denim boots RM Williams Steven coat … [Read more...]

This man built us a house

Dear Business Chic-izen, I was driving home from work last night when I heard 774 Melbourne's Lindy Burns speaking with Save the Children's Ian Woolverton about the monsoon that has affected 21 … [Read more...]

A Chance to Show Flair

Friday. Most people take the chance to dress down. And usually, so do I. But sometimes, just sometimes, I like to use this more lax dresscode day to go to town on a look.. to risk being a little OTT … [Read more...]

A Man and His Dog

Recently, I attended an auditors' conference and I took lots of notes. Unfortunately details of outfits I photographed in the break and scrawled on the back of said notes; are now locked away in my … [Read more...]

Add Style to Monday Blues

...it's the Monday after a fabulous weekend and so the woe sets in; what to do? Personally, I like to try add a little somethin somethin that I'm likely to have made or picked up over the weekend that … [Read more...]


While I am not a fan of cold winter days, I am quite the fan of the opportunity this presents for one to display style. Ahhh the challenge of not giving into the temptation of strapping on the duvet! … [Read more...]

Personalised Polish

While some days might feel like  just 'another day; another dollar',  Maleik here reminded me of the detail in the every day that makes each and every one of those days ~ an utter delight. Life is … [Read more...]

Man at Work

Brendan jacket French Connection UK longsleeve tshirt Just Jeans trainers onitsuka tiger Brendan's work lunch of choice is something he can have on the go ~ pizza or sushi. … [Read more...]

Raindrops keep falling…

Vedad jacket 5CM shirt Paul Smith pants Zambesi shoes Bally … [Read more...]

Mighty Angus

The weekend just gone past brought much hydration to the drought-stricken city of Melbourne; to the extent that there were flooding warnings in the south-east. I hope you all had a safe weekend are … [Read more...]

A Stroke of Genius

At Business Chic , I like to feature busy workers who show clever individual style within the confines of their workplace dresscodes; like the super-cool self-employed pharmacist featured in today's … [Read more...]

Serious suiting

In the corporate world there is little room for smart suits to express their style. The most acceptable method within such a strict dresscode is via the sharpness of one's suit tailoring … [Read more...]

Checkered interest

Paul  jacket Cutler & Co scarf Burberry shirt Dangerfield jumper RDX shoes vintage For a work lunch, Paul likes ramen from ajisen ramen on Bourke Street. … [Read more...]

Narrow Lines

 suit Jack London shirt Country Road shoes Aquila … [Read more...]

Simple Pleasures

Dave jacket Friends Couture which I got from the Laneway Market shirt Gazman tie Box Canyon vest from a shop in Newtown belt from Perth (some cool kids shop) jeans Industrie shoes … [Read more...]


I love a coat and it's great to see business blokes embrace the opportunity to invest in their smooth stylings like the gent in today's post. Truly I am a fan of this lovely item which can be used in … [Read more...]


Today's post features my Dad. I have lots of terms of endearment for my Dad; one of which is "Pop", which for me is a variation on "Pa". Thing is, Dad calls my mother, "Pop", as well. For 20+ years … [Read more...]

I want to be a Papillionaire

..or ride one at least ! Papillionaire is a Melbourne based bicycle company designing new, affordable Dutch style bicycles for Australia and the World. I had the pleasure of playing with one of these … [Read more...]

Sock it

Ted frames D&G suit Kenneth Blake New York shirt Sportscraft tie Italy belt Seta (myer) socks Ted Baker shoes ecco … [Read more...]

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