Business Chic on Instagram: anteledaisy

Happy Friday BusiChic! Those who are regular visitors to the blog (THANK YOU for your visits!) will know that I'm working on turning my LBD Project into a book and exhibition. So I thought that it … [Read more...]

Oh Instagram, I have to leave you by January 16

Oh Instagram, I have a conundrum. I use you to experiment with taking photos and document things, in pictures. I love how I've been able to follow creatives who don't use Twitter like Megan Hess, … [Read more...]

BusinessChic on Instagram

BusiChics are busy people. I apologise for not having a blogpost for you yesterday (I did recently state that I'll now be blogging on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and possibly also Sundays!); however … [Read more...]

Couturing and after-work Australian fashion bloggers

Happy Friday, BusiChic! Today I'm sharing the after-work business chic style of some of the Australian fashion bloggers I photographed at the launch of this week. Founded by Thom … [Read more...]

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