Show me the way…

The "Smart Casual" dresscode otherwise known as "Business Casual" can be a minefield. Some interpret that "Casual Fridays" means that it's ok to wear faded weekend wear and tshirts with loud slogans … [Read more...]

MSFW | Men in Suits

Men in suits - a look that is great all year 'round when blokes get it right! I've misplaced the details of the business chic gent I photographed at the obus party (which I featured here on … [Read more...]

A cycle ensemble for modern city gents

It's a new week of BusiChic where I'm going to set the pace nice and slowly with a spot of cycle style! Cycling into town myself recently, I spied Matthew's business chic ensemble that is stylish both … [Read more...]

After dark

Happy Friday! Aussies who had a shortened week this week (due Monday's public holiday) may have found themselves working back after dark. Here's a look at one suit we found who kindly obliged being … [Read more...]

The man sans vélo

  mont ventoux fixed - the film watch today's featuree cycle up the legendary Mont Ventoux, from his blog, I feel like a little kid [when I ride my bike]   Today we feature the … [Read more...]

Man works the street

We've popped up a fair bit of coverage of the BusiChic we spotted at LMFF so on this final day of the week, we are going to wind back and leave you with this spot of Polished workwear inspiration. … [Read more...]

LMFF Trunk Show: Jack London Autumn/Winter 2011

Jack London is the Australian menswear label created by Karl Bartl and which we have found is very popular with BusiChicizens; many a Jack London piece makes it into BusiChic ensembles! As such we … [Read more...]

Polished dreads

Today we feature the polished style of a young creative gent who keeps his dreadlocks polished by way of dapper workwear. Key pieces in Sam's ensemble are from Australian menswear brand, Jack London. … [Read more...]

Business Casual in style

  Termed Smart Casual in Australia or Business Casual in the northern hemisphere, this category for workwear can lead to confusion so as a clarification, here's a duo who show how to go … [Read more...]

Rockin’ the Bureau

The labels worn by today's featuree leads me to believe he works in the rag trade/travels for his work. All pieces are high street but co-ordinated well for a polished take on Creative. Nonetheless … [Read more...]

Cherry Reds and Tie, Spotty.

Often I see couples on the commute to and from work and can't help but note the cuteness of their outfit contrast or co-ordination. Here we have a  example of the former. She appears to be in a … [Read more...]

Secret Wars

On Wednesday October 13th, I followed tweets to Secret Wars. Think Fight Club but this, Business Chic-izens, is the  battle of two artists. Their weapons? Black paint pens and white walls. There are … [Read more...]

Take a Bow!

In today's dose of workwear inspiration, a little something for the boys! We feature a gent whose streetstyle I photographed and some snaps of the menswear spotted on the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week … [Read more...]

A timeless edge

Thursdays. I sure do like 'em. Over the hump, it has a playful tone which I sometimes like to play tribute to by adding a fun accessory to my workwear. Which brings us to Tim's edgey ensemble. As a … [Read more...]

Over by the water cooler…

Suits are tricky things to categorise as Corporate or Polished. If anything, my years in professional services taught me that Corporates have it tough and should err on the side of conservative … [Read more...]

Narrow Lines

 suit Jack London shirt Country Road shoes Aquila … [Read more...]


Because there are few things I like more than popping out for a morning pick-me-up of coffee... well, spotting and capturing some BusinessChic on the way is certainly one of them! Xx … [Read more...]

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