An artistic approach to workwear: printed pants, boots and a perfect coat

We may be at the end of the month but that does not spell the end of Winter here in Melbourne. Thank goodness then for today's BusiChic whose artistic approach to workwear has inspired me to mix up … [Read more...]

Slate-green coat, rosette ribbon brooch in Ometesando

Following on from the first of the street style photo I took in Japan featuring a business chic man in a camouflage jacket, here's a busichic woman wearing a similarly casual jacket in a creative take … [Read more...]

Caroline Clements of Broadsheet

I think that journos have a tough gig when it comes to workwear. The ones I meet run around town to cover events in between zipping back to the office to publish stories on very tight deadlines before … [Read more...]

How to keep warm at work in Summer

We're having some proper Summer weather in Australia at the moment. The only trouble with this I find, is that corporate offices tend to blast the air-conditioner on full resulting in near-arctic … [Read more...]

The Shirtmaker

Greetings BusiChic! If you are based in Melbourne like I am, I hope that you've had a fabulous long Cup weekend! I went away myself and have just realised that Monday's post did not go up; so thank … [Read more...]

What expecting women can wear to work in Spring/Summer

Dearest BusiChic, My apologies that today's post comes late but it's because at the last minute I decided to present my favourite work-appropriate pieces from Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (MSFW) … [Read more...]

Tash of Breakfast with Audrey at MBFWA

One of the trends that emerged out of fashion week for Spring/Summer 2012/13 is print. For the uninitiated, this basically means fabric that has patterns on it to make it more interesting. There is a … [Read more...]


So did you have a good long weekend, BusiChic? I still can't believe that it has already been and gone. However by my workload, well I'm certainly feeling the loss of that one work day! As such, I'm … [Read more...]

My idea of a perfect dress

Now some of you will know that I'm partial to a classic LBD. However there are times when I like a different kind of dress, one that's still super versatile but less polished and more stretchy so that … [Read more...]

Streetstyle at LMFF: Business Woman in a Print Skirt

Print. I still remember the first report I ever wrote at work and the excitement of seeing it bound and in print. True story. My penchant for print extends past words and into the type found in … [Read more...]

A turn at the train crossing

BusinessChic - does the daily dose of workwear inspiration work as well without my usual comments on the little details that catch my eye? I'm experimenting with some new platforms to improve … [Read more...]

The Phwoarrr Shirt!

      Leopard-print is one of those things that fashion mags often advocate as a way of adding some fabulous into one's wardrobe. I love how Victoria has done just … [Read more...]

Hat, scarf and paisley print

It has been a very short and sweet week at BusiChic, much like the post we will leave you with today. Today's featuree Mba was in quite a hurry but kind enough to pose for us so that we could capture … [Read more...]

Nevenka Autumn/Winter 2011: bohemian rhapsody

Well BusiChics, it looks like we've missed out on making the top five in the HP Front Row Blogger competition but thank you sincerely for your support - for more thanks, check out details on our … [Read more...]

Workers in progress

When planning a new post, I usually try to consult the Pocket Weather app to try and put up a weather-appropriate post.. but as this is Melbourne, who am I trying to kid! As the sun shines, wind gusts … [Read more...]

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