Two years of BusinessChic: a reflection

March 1, 2010. The day I started a new Real Life Job and launched BusinessChic. The site has grown in ways and most joyfully, led to treasured friendships and abundantly awesome things. It's more … [Read more...]

Updated ~ LMFF The Spirit of the Black Dress

Dean Drieberg's Polished Creative style has featured on BusiChic once before but this time we also shine the spotlight on his work. Dean wore a number of hats during LMFF - one of which included … [Read more...]

#LMFF The Spirit of the Black Dress ~ poem

In this weekend edition of BusiChic, we feature The Spirit of the Black Dress; an initiative which seeks to champion young emerging Australian designers and sustainable fashion. BusiChic was inspired … [Read more...]

1000 £ bend: Poet-in-residence

Greetings BusiChicizen! In this weekend edition of Business Chic, I  shine the spotlight on 1000 £ bend's poet-in-residence, Sophie Curzon-Siggers. Those of you who follow my tweets will know … [Read more...]

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