Jewels-day: Angle Diamond Dot power of crystals at work

There's a longer piece that I've been wanting to research and write for some time now. The metaphysical properties of crystals can help you at work Do you ever feel frazzled at work? Do you spend a … [Read more...]

Inspiration: Rachel Zoe for the office

Rachel Zoe is a fashion powerhouse. On top of styling celebrities and starring in her own reality TV series, Zoe launched The Zoe Report (TZR) in 2009; a daily newsletter that offers advice, … [Read more...]

Trend alert: White shoes at work

In interviews I'm often asked: "what would you say are the workplace fashion faux-pas, things that people should never wear to work?" I'm often tempted to answer, "white shoes." I once saw a woman … [Read more...]

Celebrity Sale picks: Victoria Beckham

Greetings BusiChic, Today I ask you to imagine if Victoria Beckham-the-stylish-fashion-designer  (as opposed to her previous incarnations as Posh Spice or relatively showy WAG) worked in a … [Read more...]

Things I learnt from Tom Ford’s A Single Man

The wonderful Andrea over at Fox in Flats shared this image yesterday:     I re-shared it on my personal instagram and was surprised to see how many likes it got. So lots of us … [Read more...]

The work shirt dress

From military to print to aztec embroidery, there's a shirt dress for every workplace dresscode.   The work shirt dress by busichic featuring a long shirt … [Read more...]

First in Line

Good morning BusiChic, Feeling the chill and wanting to pump some colour into your workwear basics? Take inspiration from today's BusiChic who works in Finance; Anna's updated a basic white shirt, … [Read more...]

Inspired by the new Qantas uniform designed by Martin Grant

Yesterday, 21,600 staff found out what they'll be wearing to work for the foreseeable future, when supermodel, Miranda Kerr, sashayed down a runway to reveal the new uniform for … [Read more...]

Discover Maling Road, Canterbury

Dearest BusiChic, Happy Friday! To my fellow-Melburnians - are you taking Monday off? Happy CUP Weekend! Today's post is work style inspiration, an idea of where to get gifts for the upcoming … [Read more...]

Week 37: LBD inspired by bloggers & Rosie the Riveter!

In Week 37 of the Little Black Dress (LBD) Project, I'm inspired by can-do women of yester-year and today!   Greetings BusiChic! I’ve featured, met and generally been inspired by some … [Read more...]

How much for this paper bag?

BusiChics like clever little takes on things. So I couldn't believe my eyes when my afternoon-gaze came across this headline on The Age:   "Well, I'll be!" - I thought to … [Read more...]

Week 28: LBD and a dash of tweed

For argument's sake, it's Week 28 of the Little Black Dress (LBD) Project where I am wearing one LBD to work every week for the whole year to show 52 ways of styling this wardrobe classic for the … [Read more...]

Week 25: Ditch the umbrella for a Rayncape

In Week 25 of the LBD Project, I ditch my umbrella and style up my Little Black Dress (LBD) for the work commute with a Rayncape! Dearest BusiChics, at the risk of bragging; I have some friends who … [Read more...]

Letterpress business cards with The Hungry Workshop

Greetings BusiChic, A different post today because I figure that if you are a stylish sort, you might also be interested in business cards that exhibit individual flair. Now what are business cards? … [Read more...]

Week 15: LBD and the oriental cardigan

It’s Week 15 of the BusiChic Little Black Dress (LBD) Project where I’m wearing a LBD to work once a week for the whole year to share 52 different ways of styling this staple for the office. This … [Read more...]

Bring pretty with a parasol

Walking to work. So you might already be juggling your iPhone and carry-all but haven't you noticed that hot summer sun beating down on you!? For the sake of your skin, it's worth considering carrying … [Read more...]

The Curated Wardrobe

Some of you who have signed up for The BusiChic Bulletin have asked for more fashion trends, so I am delivering a double-serve today made up of (1) photos from the LMFF Menswear Runway and (2) a … [Read more...]

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