Classic trench coat with a flash of neon

Following on from my own look at the pieces in a timeless work wardrobe, today’s BusiChic works the classics with a twist.     … [Read more...]

Back to work with a classic

Why hello, busichic! Guess who is back at work? Quick re-cap So in case you missed it, I walked away from my career in Finance/IT late last year and then proceeded to spend the next few months … [Read more...]

Tips and old-school tricks for keeping your clothes nice

I photographed business chic Mikela when she was picking up her drycleaning. I appreciate how she's added a quirky cork-wedge to what looks like a Contemporary Business Wear ( also called "Business … [Read more...]

Always the gentleman

Long-time readers of BusiChic may recall Veselin whom I photographed and featured in the post, "The Man Who Gave Me Flowers". If you don't know the story; I do suggest that you catch up on that post … [Read more...]

A timeless trench coat

Phew! After the excitement of yesterday's post on the opening of the zara store in Melbourne, we ease back into business with a look at a timeless trench coat.     Anna-Paula  trench I didn't hear … [Read more...]

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